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New Year. Stronger you. 

So many people have memberships to local gyms but they rarely go! It's no big deal because it's only $10 a month right?! Not a huge loss. Well, what if I could help you take advantage of that membership? 

Maybe you have no idea what to do when you get to the gym. Maybe you walk on the treadmill in the corner because you're intimidated by the weights. Maybe you're doing random exercises you saw on Instagram but not seeing results. Maybe you have a home gym or some dumbbells laying in the garage but you just aren't sure where to start. As a certified personal trainer I spend much of my time programming workouts. I've learned that formatting, sequencing, splits... they all matter! These fine details turn an average workout into a GREAT workout that will help build strength and confidence. Let me do the hard parts. I'll plan workouts, send them virtually and you implement when/where you want- any gym, your basement- it doesn't matter! Along with lifetime access to these videos you will also be invited to a private Facebook group for support and guidance. As long as you have gym access OR access to minimal equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells, this program is for you! Choose from 2 program options described below based on your goal.

 Let's kickoff 2023 getting stronger, together! 


**Price Increases to $240 on Monday 11/28/22** 

Option 1
Body recomposition
Muscle building

Happy with your weight but looking to put on some muscle? Want to get stronger & develop some mass? This program option is for you! That "toned" look comes from having muscle on your frame. Let's build that now and "chisel" it later!

Adrianne and Morgan.jpg

Option 2:
Weight loss/cut

Looking to lose weight or lean out? Seeking fat loss? This program option is for you! This option will implement both resistance training and cardiovascular training to help you shed some pounds. Let's get moving first and then focus on building mass later!

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