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Healthier Habits 12 Week Program

Are you...

Ready for a change BUT have no idea where to start?

Investing in your health can be an emotional, financial, and physical investment!  We recognize that a lot of stress and change at one time can be a TOP reason that people fall of the wagon!  We have created this BEGINNER LEVEL, 12 Week program to help you *step by step* implement SMALL changes that can have a LARGE impact!  Do we have your attention now??

This 12 Week Trainer will be an ONLINE group dual hosted by a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach.  Together they have developed an evidenced based 12 week program with EASY action items that will KICK START your healthy journey!  

  • No Counting Macros

  • No Intense Workouts

  • No Crazy restrictive meal plans
    Just a guide to healthier habits!  Our goal is to provide you with information and actionable items that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine over the next 3 months to improve your health or lose weight!

Group Begins - January 1, 2023

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12 Week Healthy Habits Program

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