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Welcome to the EVOLVE Blog!

Thanks for tuning in to the Evolve Blog!! We are a local gym in Milford, Delaware! We specialize in group training and personnal training! Our motivation to open this style of gym came from managing a traditional gym in the past. We've watched so many people waste money on a gym membership and not commit to their goals because they didn't have the guidance they needed!

We wanted to create a GYM that offered guidance in workouts but more affordable than personal training... HELLO EVOLVE Group Trainings! We have certified trainers instructing workouts 6 days a week. We call it - personal training attention in a group setting!

Evolve is a family owned establishment! Steve Shane is the founder and creator! He is proud to say that- in over 4 years he has not repeated a single workout! That means- he's hard at work each week keeping your workouts FRESH, challenging, and new! His wife, Adrianne, is a registered nurse by training who is now a full time Health and Nutrition Coach at Evolve! The little CEO Landon is their 8 year old son who has fiery passion for work, working out, and sports! He's still undecided if he'd like to take over the family business one day or be a police officer!

What's coming:

We are excited to share new topics with you each month! We want to provide you with tips and tricks to conquer your health goals, new recipes, and workout news from our personal trainers!! Stay tuned ...

Until Next Time...

Thanks for tuning in! Let us know what you'd like to see in our upcoming blogs!! Give us all your health, workout, nutrition questions! We'd love to answer them in our upcoming blogs!

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