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The Power of Walking

Walking is so simple, something that most of us do daily but some of us don't do near enough of it! Ideally you would be walking at least 10,000 steps per day! For some of us, this comes easy but others will have to schedule in some time to walk to reach this goal.

One of the things I love about technology is the ability to track my health! I love having a smart watch that helps me track my daily steps! While for some people who have a very active job this may be easy but for most you'd be shocked at the LACK of movement that happens daily!

Make it a NON-Negotiable...

Set a goal to hit 10k steps every day. If it happens naturally, GREAT. But if not, take some time at the end of the day to schedule a walk to hit your goal! You may find that you need to walk a couple times through the day to reach this!

Track your steps

It is eye opening to track your steps and see your starting point. Sometimes we feel so mentally overloaded and tired and we think we're moving far more than we actually are.

As a nurse working in the ICU sometimes I wouldn't even hit 10k steps but would have EXHAUSTING days! So having a way to track your steps is super helpful! Most smart phones track steps or you can purchase a watch! Some options are: Apple Watch, FitBit, Zepp watch... you can get them for under $30 on Amazon, so it doesnt' have to be a financial investment!

Why is it important?

Walking 10k steps per day can help improve your overall health. It amplifies calorie burn, aids in cardiovascular health, strengthens bones, and helps reduce excess body fat. Walking helps our bodies burn extra calories and fat without the high impact of weight lifting or running. While those other activities are great too, walking is a low impact activity that can create numerous health benefits!

Double WIN is walking outside in the sunshine, this provides you with extra vitamin D while connecting you with nature! And if you can get in the right mindset, this can be some stress relief too! I love to use walking as a time to clear my head and just be alone with my thoughts!

Get started today, for FREE!! Head outside and enjoy :)

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