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Conquer the Holiday Parties (and stay on track)

Feeling overwhelmed with staying on track with your health goals but also wanting to go to all the holiday social events?? Me too!! But here are some tips to stay ahead of the game!!

-Don't save your calories for the evening. Keep your mornings full of healthy, high protein foods! You don't want to be starving when you arrive at the party! This will cause you to binge on all the high calories goodies.

-Drink a protein shake prior to arriving at the party to curb your hunger! Most likely you will find lots of fattening carbs at the party so make sure your protein needs are met first! Also- protein keeps you fuller for longer!

-NEVER stand around the snack table and converse! Grab a plate- fill it up with the goodies and walk away!! Standing around the snack table and grazing for an extended amount of times can cause you to consume upwards to 500 calories extra without a care in the world!

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